Monday, 30 March 2015

The 4th International Tsunami Field Symposium, Thailand

From 22th to 27th of March the QRN Team, represented by Vanessa Heyvaert, Helmut Brückner, Evelien Boes and Svenja Riedesel, attended the 4th International Tsunami Field Symposium in Phuket, Thailand. Kruawun Jankaew and her team created an unforgettable conference including three days of fieldtrips within the breathtaking landscape of southern Thailand.

Abstract book and field guide booklets, led by Kruawun Jankaew
Attended by researchers from all over the world, the symposium was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami (IOT). Beside three very informative keynotes held by Kerry Sieh (EOS, NTU, Singapore), Kenji Satake (ERI, University of Tokyo) and Kazuhisa Goto (IRIDeS, Tohoku University), the participants presented their diverse research projects, which were all related to earthquakes and tsunamis. As a result of different research focuses (Science, Technology and Disaster Mitigation), the conference offered a great opportunity to discuss these topics and meet old and new colleagues.

During the three days of fieldtrip to Phuket, Khao Lak and Phra Thong, it was possible to observe sedimentological evidences of the 2004 IOT, changes in landscape and human interactions as well as facilities of the tsunami warning and secure system. Tsunami memorials remind us of the catastrophic happenings of December 26, 2004.

Looks like painted – the IOT sediments on Phra Thong Island
Tsunami evacuation routes of Kamala Bay
Boat 813 – today approx. 2 km inland, was moved to its present position by the IOT 2004


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