Thursday, 16 July 2015

Presentations at INQUA

The International Quaternary Union, INQUA, holds a quadrennial meeting, with Nagoya, Japan, being the location chosen for this year. The QuakeRecNankai team will be well represented, with presentations and posters on all three strands of our project. Here's the full list of presentations by QRN team members on earthquakes along the Nankai Trough:

Tuesday 28th July                                                                   
Laura Lamair                   T06-P07                 14:00-15:30        The last 300 years of sedimentation in the Fuji Five Lakes: the impact of natural disasters with a special focus on earthquakes (poster)
Friday 30th July
Ed Garrett                        T21-07                    12:40-12:55        Progress in paleoearthquake and paleotsunami research along the Nankai Trough following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake
Yoshiki Sato                     T21-08                   17:00-17:15        Middle to Late Holocene environmental changes in the incised valleys around Lake Hamana suggesting the great earthquakes along Nankai Trough
Osamu Fujiwara              T21-09                    17:15-17:30        Holocene coastal deformation of the Hamamatsu plain related to the great earthquakes along the eastern Nankai Trough
Mansanobu Shishikura   T21-10                  17:30-17:45        History of past great earthquakes along the Nankai Trough, deduced from various geological records in the southern part of the Kii Peninsula, Japan                                      
Evelien Boes                T21-P09               14:00-15:30        Exploring the potential of Lake Hamana (Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan) to hold a long and reliable sedimentary record of paleo- earthquakes and -tsunami along the Nankai-Suruga Trough  (poster)
Saturday 1st August        
Laura Lamair                    G02-05                   12:10-12:25        Late Holocene History of the Fuji Five Lakes (Japan)
Ed Garrett                      C13-P01                14:00-15:30       Radiometric and luminescence dating of historical tsunamis and storm deposits from Shirasuka, south central Japan (poster)

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