Thursday, 8 October 2015

QRN field recce photo diary

Marc, Atsunori, Osamu, Vanessa, Masanobu, Miyairi, Ed, Yusuke and a few others have spent the last few days meeting to discuss the next targets for the onshore field campaign. We spent time travelling along the Shizuoka coast to see some potential new sites and also met up with the QRN lake coring team, who are a week into their campaign on Lake Hamana (More to follow from Evelien Boes soon...). Here are a few photos from the lab and field.

We started the trip checking out some cores stored in Tsukuba, headquarters of the Geological Survey of Japan
From Tsukuba we travelled to Cape Omaezaki, by way of Tokyo and Kakegawa. Once on the coast we started exploring sites potentially inundated by past tsunamis. The sand around the roots of these pine trees was supposedly washed away by a tsunami in AD 1707.
Yusuke Yokoyama holds 12th century pottery found at a potential new field site. 
The Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant. It's close to sea level and fronted by 22m high tsunami protection wall.
The beach at Shirasuka, west of the mouth of Lake Hamana. We took a few modern samples to compare with sediments encountered last year.
The lake coring team prepare the platform ahead of a day on Lake Hamana

The trip finished with sushi at a traditional restaurant with the lake coring team

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