Thursday, 5 November 2015

Every end is a new beginning

Our working days on coastal Lake Hamana are now definitively over. The platform has been relocated to the Fuji area, where coring operations on Lake Kawaguchi were started.  

Unfortunately, we did not succeed in retrieving all missing core sections on site 3 and site 4 of Lake Hamana, since very strong winds threw a spanner in the works and we were not able to sail out during the last two days. Nevertheless, we now possess sediment samples up to a depth of 9 m below the lake floor, from four different locations along a N-S transect throughout the central basin. Such transect allows us to map the extent and lateral variations of tsunami deposits, which will be traced by executing a series of sedimentological, geophysical and geochemical analyses.

But first… our cores have to be shipped back to Belgium. This will be done at the end of November, after the Fuji survey is finished as well.

Sneak peaks of Mount Fuji from Lake Hamana

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