Tuesday, 21 October 2014

First days at Lake Hamana

The QuakeRecNankai team in Japan has increased in number with the arrival of our collaborators from Cologne: Helmut Bruckner, Svenja Riedesel and Martin Seelinger. We've completed this field season's work on the Fuji Five Lakes and have made our way to Hamamatsu, our base for the second half of the field season - the survey of Lake Hamana and the surrounding coastal lowlands. In this update, Svenja shares her experiences from her first couple of days in the field.

After checking the equipment yesterday, we split into two teams today. The off-shore team stayed at the marina and the Univeristy of Tokyo Fisheries Lab to prepare everything for the first lake survey. The onshore-team made an excursion, checking out possible coring locations for the next days. With the help of Ono-san and some really friendly farmers there will be no boredom this week. Lots of possible and promising locations have been found. We are really looking forward to finding out what the sediment records will tell us about palaeotsunamis and palaeogeography of Lake Hamana region.

Let’s hope for great results and a successful fieldwork during the first days on- and off-shore at Hamana Lake.

The narrow coastal plain west of Hamana
Vanessa and Ono-san talk to land owners
Tsunami evacuation sign in Japanese, Portuguese and English

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